Guidelines for NMO – Bulk Registrations

  • Get Bulk-Registration Spread Sheet from the website or through email (
  • Students, falling in any category, are required to pay a Great Future processing fee amounting to Rs. 300/- to submit applications for the National Mathematical Olympiad. The payment can be made through e-banking channels.
  • Please write your payment TID/Reference Number carefully as it will be verified. During the verification, if any information is found wrong, your application will not be further processed.
  • Fee can be deposited/transferred by e-banking channels, ATM Transfer & Mobile banking, Easy paisa, Jazz cash, U-Paisa, etc. No manual bank submission is required.
  • If paying through Mobile Banking such as Easy paisa/Jazz cash select Bank Transfer and the purpose of payment should be Education then write Account Number or IBAN Number and pay the fee. Save and provide your Transaction ID or Reference Number as it is mandatory to save it for future processes and submit your application form.

You can submit the fee in account number or IBAN number using the following details

  • Title of Account: Great Future SMC Private Limited
  • Account No: 05860010087056590010
  • Bank: Allied Bank Limited (ABL)

Bulk Registrations - Tutorial

Guidelines for NMO Individual Registrations

  • Please follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the “Apply Online” tab.
    2. Fill in the candidate’s required information via the NMO Registration Portal (
    3. Submit the registration fee of 300/- PKR through online e-banking channels.
    4. Upload the screenshot/image of the paid fee form on the NMO Registration Portal.

Individual Registrations - Tutorial

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